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Are you sure that your research paper is free of plagiarism? With the help of a plagiarism checker, you can ensure that your work is original and doesn’t contain any unauthorised copies from other sources. Plagiarism checking services are suitable for all students, regardless of their subject or year of study.

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    It’s not possible to avoid plagiarism when writing coursework and research papers, but you can rephrase sentences to increase the uniqueness of the whole paper.

    For checking, we use state-of-the-art software that’s used in many universities. We create a report using Turnitin and PlagScan services. In it you can see how unique your work is and the sources of the text.

    We also offer other services:
    Proofreading – Our proofreader proofreads your entire work. He corrects grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes;
    Editing – Edits grammar and punctuation errors and corrects stylistic inaccuracies;



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    All communication takes place via an encrypted connection for maximum security and anonymity.

    Delivery on time

    Let us know your deadline and we guarantee that we’ll meet it.

    Highest quality

    We only employ trusted authors who are highly qualified in their field.

    Unlimited support

    We inform you regularly about the interim results so that the work is adapted to your requirements.

    It’s quite easy to order a plagiarism check:

    Step 1:

    Specify the file to be checked and fill in the form.

    Step 2:

    We’ll send you a non-binding proposal. After you have made the payment, we start the work.

    Step 3:

    We check your document with the Turnitin or PlagScan services.

    Step 4:

    We’ll send you a full report on the uniqueness of your work.

    What our clients say:

    “Since I wasn’t sure about the uniqueness of my bachelor thesis, I decided to make sure and ordered a plagiarism checker. They did everything quickly and produced a detailed report. I was satisfied and improved the uniqueness of my work before submitting it.”


    “I wasn’t sure if I should check my work for plagiarism, but I’m glad I did. The plagiarism checker helped me find the plagiarised parts in my work and I was able to correct them quickly and easily. I would recommend Wissenreich’s plagiarism checker to anyone who wants to check their academic work for plagiarism.”


    “I had a tight deadline for my work and wasn’t sure if I could finish it on time. I decided to use a plagiarism checker service and was very happy with the result. The check was quick and easy and the report was very detailed. I was able to locate all the places in my work where there was plagiarism and significantly improve the quality of my work. Thank you very much for your help!”


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