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Wissenreich supports you with your academic work such as bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral theses, the preparation of your abstract, your term papers or seminar papers. In addition to professional proofreading and editing, we also offer a comprehensive plagiarism check to ensure the outstanding quality and originality of your work.

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    Our help saves you valuable time and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your work. With unlimited revisions, we ensure that the result of our work is exactly what you want.

    You can rely on us to deliver on time and keep your personal information in safe hands. Rely on our expertise and experience to help you achieve your academic goals efficiently and successfully.



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    We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential. All communication takes place via an encrypted connection to ensure maximum security and anonymity.

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    Let us know your deadline and we guarantee to complete your work on time and deliver it to you before your deadline.

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    Our services stand for first-class quality, because every text we write is subject to a thorough quality guarantee. We offer free professional editing and carry out a plagiarism check to ensure that your work meets the highest standards.

    Unlimited support

    Because we care about your success, we offer unlimited revisions to ensure the work meets your expectations. In addition, we keep you informed with regular interim results to ensure the work is aligned according to your wishes.

    Our work process is designed to provide you with an efficient experience:

    Step 1:

    You make a non-binding enquiry in which you tell us your request.

    Step 2:

    Your personal advisor will then contact you immediately and will be available for a free consultation.

    Step 3:

    Your advisor will provide you with a non-binding offer that is tailored precisely to your needs.

    Step 4:

    Once you accept the offer, your ghostwriter gets to work. During the process, you will receive regular interim results to ensure that the work is going in the direction you want.

    Step 5:

    You will receive your finished and high-quality work on time at the date you specify.

    What our clients say:

    “I was unsure whether the quality of my thesis was sufficient and didn’t want to risk bad grades. Therefore, I decided to turn to Wissenreich. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the service. The editing was thorough and corrected all errors, and the plagiarism check gave me peace of mind. The punctual delivery also impressed me. Thanks to the service, I was able to hand in my work without any worries and achieved an excellent grade. I can only recommend the service!”


    “As a PhD student, I sometimes felt overwhelmed by the amount of research and writing involved. So I wanted to make sure my work met the highest standards. I turned to Wissenreich for editing, proofreading and plagiarism checking. The editing of my document was thorough and the process extremely transparent. The support throughout the process helped me to clarify my ideas and keep the thread in my work. With their professional service, I felt well equipped to successfully complete my thesis.”


    “I was concerned about the quality of my bachelor thesis and was looking for support. The services proved to be extremely valuable. The editing was meticulous, rephrased sentences and my work was freed from linguistic errors. The plagiarism check calmed my nerves by confirming the originality of my work. By saving time, I was able to concentrate on other aspects of my research. With their excellent help, I was able to successfully complete my work and received an excellent grade.”


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